RYA SRC VHF Radio Courses - Southampton £49 Or Free

We value the ability to correctly use a marine VHF radio set so highly that we now offer the RYA VHF Radio 1 day course free of charge to all students who take a theory or practical course with us at our Southampton training centre or just £49 to anyone. All RYA training offered here is run by our training partners Solent Boat Training who are a recognised RYA training centre.

The marine VHF radio is by far the most useful and fit for purpose method of communication whilst out on the water in any type of vessel. The knowledge to use the boats radio could simply save a life, be that your own, a family member or a fellow boater.

Free RYA Course In Southampton

When you attend a purchased course at our Southampton training centre you will receive your free voucher for the radio course. Book your place via our online booking system and your away. We ask you to learn your Phonetic alphabet and Mayday radio call before you attend the course, but we give you the material to achieve this as well. All for free.
So if you would like to attend the vhf course for free then simply book and pay for any course with Solent Boat Training. You will receive a discount code for your free course. Your discount code is on your order confirmation email for the paid course and can be used on our online booking system.

The UK Law About SRC VHF Radio

The UK law says that other than in an emergency situation you must hold a "Short Range Certificate" commonly known as a "SRC" to use a marine VHF radio. In order to take the short test to gain the "SRC" you must attend the RYA training centre.

The test is conducted by an RYA independent examiner who charges a £60 test and license fee. This test fee is the same at any RYA training centre and is paid directly to the examiner, not us !

You also must have a copy of the RYA Radio Handbook as this contains the test entry form and photocopies are not permitted by the RYA,  but we also include these within your course fee

We always book an RYA examiner to attend at the end of our course for anyone who wishes to take the test.

The main advantage of taking the test and gaining your SRC is that you can use a marine VHF radio to it`s full potential including communicating with other boats, marinas, harbours and other marine users in none emergency situations.

Other training centres charge on average £70 for the course ( inc book ) and then the test fee payable to the RYA examiner, get your course for free with us.

Even if you don`t take the test, you still will know how to use the VHF radio in an emergency !